Working With Your Architect

Working with your architect should be a fun and rewarding experience beyond simply getting a new home out the process. I say working with your architect because it really is a collaboration.

It’s critical that you’re involved from start to finish, taking part in every phase of the design process. This entails making your likes and dislikes known, reviewing and commenting on the work, asking questions when you’re not sure about something, and offering up your own ideas for consideration.

As an architect, I’m here to guide you through the process. I do that by first listening to you, then developing and evaluating options that respond to your design objectives, and finally by executing the best solutions to their fullest potential.

While every architect has their own unique way of working, the design process is generally the same. I’ve prepared this guide with the goal of familiarizing you with that process and offering suggestions on how to make the most of it.

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Thanks, and good luck with your project!