I've been in the architecture field for over 2o years. Most of that has been spent designing high-end custom residences for lots in locations like Kiawah Island, The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards, and Miami Beach.

Now normally, you'll be looking at a lot or a couple, trying to make a decision based on different locations, features, issues, opportunities, price, etc. That's all good, but...

I realized that folks planning to buy a lot for a new home often make that decision without some very important information. That's why I created a service I call DISCOVER and FOCUS, to fill in the missing information.

What if I said you could see into the future of one or more options you're considering? What if you could get critical insights about how the property would inform the planning and design of your new home, and how the new home would enhance the experience of the property before you even buy?

Would that be of value to you? I think it would.

With the low-cost DISCOVER and FOCUS service, you'll discover the opportunities and limitations of the property and gain a clearer focus on how your needs and wishes will enhance the site before you even buy. Pretty important stuff.

The DISCOVER and FOCUS report includes analysis of a lot's unique characteristics, relevant zoning restrictions and design guidelines, and recommendations for how to proceed with the planning and design of your new residence.


The DISCOVER and FOCUS service for new construction starts with documenting and analyzing the conditions of your chosen site. Potential views, unique features, problem areas, access, and even sun and predominate breezes are considered.

Zoning rules, design guidelines, neighborhood covenants, and other relevant regulations are complied and summarized. Lastly, this information is used to produce a diagram depicting the ideal building location, orientation, and massing that works in harmony with the site. With this service, you'll gain...

  • A complete understanding of the unique potential of the site
  • Surety that the site will accommodate what you want to build
  • A clear vision before committing to full architectural services


If you're planning on renovating or adding onto an existing building, the DISCOVER and FOCUS service is an equally important first step toward a successful project. Along with the site documentation and analysis, you'll need to document the building, either a portion of it or the whole thing in some cases.

Often what happens is the discovery of issues late into the project, resulting in schedule delays, budget overruns, and quality compromises. Taking the time to thoroughly document the building is critical in decreasing the chance of very expensive oversights later on.

  • Measured building drawings including floor plans, elevations, and critical sections
  • Exterior and interior photo documentation of existing conditions
  • Recommendations for renovation and addition options

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"But We ALREADY bought a lot. Can we still benefit from the Discover and focus?"

ABSOLUTELY! You can still gain the benefit of important information, analysis and recommendations with the DISCOVER and FOCUS service. Simply use the same form above to set up an initial consultation.